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We asked 3 Personal Trainers what their favourite gym machine is

Everyone’s got their go-to spot in the gym. For some, it’s the rack, blasting through barbell squats, rows, and deadlifts, while others live for the versatile cable machine, smashing out a bit of back, followed by some bi’s and tri’s, and finishing off with a sweaty shoulder pump. But, what about personal trainers? They’ve witnessed some of the most state-of-the-art equipment, worked out in settings most could only imagine, but, believe it or not, they still have that trusty, go-to piece of equipment they can always count on, whatever their mood.

We quizzed 3 Team Grenade® PT's on their favourite pieces of gym equipment to find out what they love about them and why they believe they're well worth the hype.

Chelsea Andersen, PT and Fitness Content Creator

Favourite machine: Assault Bike

“For me, it’s gotta be the assault bike. It can provide a real high energy full body workout or, if you’re a little knackered, you can just use your legs. It’s also a great alternative for those who can’t run due to injuries – you may not be able to thrash it out on the treadmill, but the assault bike has got you!

One thing I really like about the assault bike is its versatility – like I said, you can go all out and smash out a sweaty HIIT session or stick on Netflix and do some LISS!

The assault bike can be found in most gyms and it’s so easy to use. I feel like it’s a cardio must, especially if running isn’t your thing but you still want to increase your fitness levels and burn calories."

Layne, Co-Owner and Co-Founder of online Personal Training brand Milestone Strength

Favourite machine: The torsonator AKA The landmine

“Here we go - why the torsonator is my favourite piece of equipment!

You may know the torsonator as the landmine; this device allows for a barbell to be rotated around a fixed point on the ground. When used correctly, this piece of kit can give you one hell of a workout!

But, why is it my favourite piece of equipment, you ask? Versatility! You can get a full body workout in on this device, it challenges your rotational strength and provides a new stimulus for adaptation. These factors become incredibly important when you’re short on time, looking for some real world or athletic transfer of strength or when you’re an advanced trainee and looking for a new challenge to help further your progress.

The landmine offers a unique advantage compared to the barbell when it comes to resistance too. The distance between the load and the fulcrum changes throughout the lift. What does this mean? Lifts are easier and harder at different points; this means that its more likely to provide tension on a muscle group as you conduct each rep.

The torsonator also provides an incredibly easy, low skill way to train rotation. Rotation is critical in athletics and, in my experience, is one of the most undertrained movements in gyms today. The torsonator allows you to set a solid foundation on the ground and the bar and rotate at your strength levels, inside your active range of motion. This means that when properly executed, a torsonator rotation exercise will increase rotational strength and mobility.

The torsonator is an incredibly versatile tool. It can test you in many different movement planes, with many different exercises. It’s an absolute must have in your gym. If you’re looking to add a new challenge to your workouts, I highly recommend it!”

Wanna take inspo from Layne's love of the landmine? Give this workout a go!

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Georgie Harris, Online Fitness Coach

Favourite machine: Leg Press

“When it comes to training lower body, one of my favourite machines would have to be the leg press. Not only is it great for beginners who maybe aren’t quite ready to set up to a bar, but it’s also great for those who are a little more advanced are maybe looking for something to help them progress with their squats. There are a few different variations of leg press machines, but my favourite is the one where your feet are at an incline and the platform moves away from you as opposed to the chair. As someone with shorter legs I get a greater range of motion on these.

You can work a range of lower body muscles on the leg press depending on where you place your feet so it’s a great if you like a bit of variety in your workouts. Opt for a wide stance foot position to target more of your glutes and hammies and a narrow stance to put more of an emphasis on your quads. You can also opt for a single leg press if you want to work on any muscular imbalances and you can target your calves by doing heal raises on the machine. You can also go super heavy with the leg press (once you’ve perfected your form) so you leave your session feeling pretty badass!”

What’s your favourite gym machine? If you’re back at the gym and in need of some training inspo, give this epic quad sesh a go!