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Team Grenade®: meet our new recruits!

Life’s never dull at Grenade®. And now, thanks to our army of new recruits, things are about to get even more exciting! Introducing our newest life athletes, a handful of people that, like Grenade®, do things their own way and live life to the fullest. From explorers and sports stars to personal trainers and social media personalities, we can’t wait to see what this talented bunch will bring to the Grenade® family. Want to know more about our newest team members? Well, you’re in luck! Read on to find out more about our new recruits!


Chloe Madeley

Fitness expert Chloe Madeley is a busy woman. When she’s not personal training clients or offering nutritional advice, you can find her presenting on TV and writing her best-selling fitness and diet books. A self-confessed fan of all things Grenade® and never one to take herself too seriously, Chloe is the perfect fit for the team and has already began working on some exciting projects – watch this space!

James Haskell

Retired international Rugby player James Haskell boasts a successful sporting career, as well as a knowledge and love of all things fitness. Aside from his Rugby expertise, James has many strings to his bow. He’s dabbled in DJ-ing, owns his own F45 gym and has published a host of health and fitness books. Despite retiring from the game, he can still often be found commentating and reporting on matches. You can expect a whole load of fun from this Rugby star.


Tyrone Brennand

With over 14 years of health and fitness experience, Tyrone Brennand has worked with some of the industry’s biggest brands, embarking on a number of projects focusing on everything from yoga to CrossFit. A dedicated family man and personal trainer, it was Tyrone’s holistic, humble approach that made him the perfect fit for Grenade®. Expect motivational speeches and inspiring workouts from this guy!


Nathan McCallum

With a 'happy go lucky' outlook on life and a fun approach to training and well-being, Nathan McCallum really is the perfect fit for Team Grenade®. When he's not sweating it out in the gym, the Aussie content creator and owner of online fitness coaching company Milestone Strength, can be seen travelling the world, trialling the coolest gyms and tasting the best foods, all to share with his loyal social media following. We've already started working with Nathan on some exciting content - keep your eyes peeled!


Karl Lokko

Activist, adventurer, poet, public speaker – the list of Karl Lokko's talents is endless and it’s this versatility that makes him a true Life Athlete and the perfect fit for Team Grenade®! Karl’s life hasn’t been easy – after an intervention from a local anti-youth violence project, the former gang leader turned his life around and has since become personal advisor to HRH Prince Harry and climbed some of the world’s biggest mountains for charity. Fingers crossed Karl invites us along on his next expedition!


Paul Wallace

Content creator and fast car fanatic Paul Wallace first appeared on YouTube way back in 2006. 13 years later, his diverse automotive channel, Supercars of London, has over 800K subscribers and, thanks to his original, informative content, his videos have racked up over 250 million views. You can expect road trip adventures, reviews of the latest cars and motorbikes and, now, as Paul embarks on his fitness journey, he'll be working alongside Grenade® to create some fun-fuelled, fitness content. A self-confessed adrenaline junkie and always up for a challenge, we can't wait to put Paul through his paces!


Paul Olima

With his side-splitting content, sporting background and infectious laugh, Paul Olima is the perfect addition to the Grenade® family. The pro football and rugby player, turned body double and social-media star is known for his hilarious online content and positive outlook on life. He's also a trained personal trainer, offering tips and tricks on shredding and building muscle. If it's a whole lotta laughs you're after, then Paul's your man. Intrigued? Head over to Paul's Instagram!


Excited? Yep, us too! Make sure you’re following us on our social channels to see what this lot get up to!


Image credit: James Haskell  / Tyrone Brennand