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Sean Conway's adventure continued...

Want to know how Sean Conway's getting on on his adventure? Well, you're in luck! We caught up with him during his journey to see how it's going so far! Remember, you can follow Sean's progress on his live tracker.

Day 6 update

"Other than the London Marathon, which I ran dressed in a giant Scout badge, I haven’t done a serious run since the 820-mile run when I completed the world’s longest triathlon back in May 2016.

The first two days saw me run from Conwy Castle in Wales through Anglesey to Holyhead. I ran 22 and 21 miles respectively and although my legs felt tight and my dodgy right knee (I always have issue with it when cycling and running) was throbbing, the adrenaline of starting a new adventure saw me through, and the presence of my wife, son and dog helped keep morale up.

We took the ferry across to Dublin and I ran a short 10 miles to get out of the city. The next three days, I have run almost exactly the same mileage each day: 23.8, 23.7 and 23.4 respectively at around 12.5-minute miles. This wasn’t planned at all but landed up being the distance I managed to run in the 5(ish) hours I’ve given myself to run each day. Outside of that, the idea is to explore Ireland with my family in Colonel Mustard, my trusty Defender.

It’s been a successful week so far and I think I have another week to go to get to my secret destination. Being supported on a run like this has certainly helped mostly with nutrition and recovery. I’ve realised just how malnourished I have been in the past on self-supported challenges and how long it took me to see any progress in my performance. Having the right recovery post run and a good night’s sleep has seen my progress improve drastically in just a week. The other benefit is I can run with no more than 2kg’s on my back and for the first time on a big run I don’t feel like a tortoise.

As with all multi-day physical challenges I’m still concentrating on the 5 pistons of endurance: food, water, sleep, muscle management and mindset. So far, all pistons are firing away perfectly. I now just need to work on increasing the revs. 12.5 minute miles needs to be improved on and my reason for saying this will become clear soon.

Thanks to everyone who’s come to find me and sent me messages of support. Westwards I’ll keep trucking. See you on the road!

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