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Sean Conway's adventure

Adventurer Sean Conway is off on another journey - but, where will he end up this time? You can follow Sean's adventure using the below tracker and he'll, of course, be taking his followers along over on his Instagram. Ever wondered what Sean takes along with him on his ventures? Read on to find out more about his kit essentials. "Today is a big day for me. It’s the first day where I move away from my computer and start actively planning my next adventure. Today is the day I dive into my adventure cupboard to fish out all the bits of kit I’ve stored away for the past year. The cupboard has a funny smell - a mixture of dirt, sweat, fire and far away countries. I love it. Even though I’ve been planning challenges and adventures for nearly 10 years, it still excites me to think of all the things I want to take with me. I usually realise that most are a waste of valuable space and, eventually, end up with my streamlined kit list featuring just the bare essentials. This adventure is slightly different compared to my last. For the first time since I swam Britain in 2013, I will have a support crew. My crew will be my wife Caroline, son Wilder and our terrier Shackleton. So, where am I off to this time, you ask? Well, you’ll have to wait and see, but it involves running. Yes -  after 3 years of ultra-cycling, I’m moving back into ultra-running. So here we have it. The kit list for my next adventures which will start on the 12th October. Can’t wait to share it all with you all, and, as always, you can follow me on my live tracker.

Sean's Kit List

Sean's Kit List

1. Dog running belt and stretchy lead -  for the sections where Shackleton can run with me

2. Shackleton. Lakeland Terrier and head of the Team Conway training program

3. Pet passport - we’re crossing a border on this one

4. Running leggings - Only one pair but hope to wash them each night

5. Waterproof running top -  it is going to rain on this run for sure

6. 2x running shirts -  it’s nice to swap one shirt out half way through the day if it’s really wet

7. A hat - keeps the hair out my eyes and makes me look cool (debateable)

8. Battery bank -  to keep my phone and headphones topped up

9. Sunglasses - wide ones to keep wind out my eyes.

10. Various charging cables - self explanatory, right?

11. Gloves - for those colder mornings

12. 2x socks - one thick pair and one thin pair. I'll wash them each night.

13. Hydration pack - carries 2 litres but I hope to carry only 1 litre at a time

14. Barry the Blender - oats, banana, peanut butter and honey is my rocket fuel in the mornings

15. 2x watches - I will wear the Bremont because I like to know the time when I run. The Suunto will be strapped to my back so that I can Strava each day. I’m not a fan of looking at my stats while I run. I prefer to see how I did after. Perception of effort running.

16. Head torch - for the early morning and the inevitability that I will get lost after dark

17. Wilder Conway - Head of the Team Conway motivational strategy

18. Grenade® Carb Killa® bars and shakes -these taste great, but they're also ideal to snack on while on the go

19. Bluetooth headphone - I like to listen to audio-books when I run (recommendations welcome!)

20. USB multi-socket - to charge up my gadgets each night

21. Phone and nutrition running waist band

22. Ecco running shoes - essential

So, where do you think Sean's off to this time? Make sure you follow his journey over on his Instagram.