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Say hello to the new Carb Killa® recruits!

Say hello to our newest recruits!

There are two delicious new Carb Killa® flavours joining the ranks: decadent Dark Chocolate Raspberry and deliciously nutty White Chocolate Salted Peanut – but which will you choose?

Tough choice, huh? I mean, you could just have both!? Here at Grenade®, we’re all about choosing flavour over fads, which is why we’re always expanding our delicious Carb Killa® bar flavour offering.

Coated in rich dark chocolate with a sweet raspberry layer, the Dark Chocolate Raspberry Carb Killa® takes things up a notch on the indulgence scale. Fancy something a little sweeter? Go for white chocolate paired with crunchy salted peanuts and a thick, nougat filling. Either way, you won’t be disappointed with the newest members of the Carb Killa® fam.

Keen to find out how these tasty new additions came about? Lucky for you, we quizzed Grenade® Product Strategist Rob Page to find out more about the new recruits.

Where did the idea for the new flavours come from?

With a limited range of white chocolate and dark chocolate bar variants in the Carb Killa® range, we listened to our customers to add more.

Salted caramel is a high performing flavour in the market, so we wanted to include this distinctive flavour with a twist – and then Salted Peanut with our signature caramel layer was created! We love the peanut and chocolate combo at Grenade HQ, so we loaded in real peanut chunks into the soft nougat base, topped with a thick layer of salted caramel and then more peanuts in the thick white chocolate coating…then a few more peanuts!

For the Dark Chocolate Raspberry, we were after a flavour that perfectly complimented the distinctive dark chocolate taste to attempt to re-create the chocolate experience you’d find in a classic chocolatier. After endless rounds of development, we found our favourite varieties of dark chocolate and intense raspberry. We then wanted to make it even more luxurious so threw in as many cocoa nibs as we could.

What’s different about the new flavours compared to the rest of the range?

In these two bars we have experimented further with adding inclusions directly to the chocolate coating, as well as adjusting the caramel layer to suit the specific characteristics of each bar and fully deliver on flavour.

How do you think people will react to the new flavours?

Everyone at Grenade® hopes that our customers will love these bars as much as we do. We don’t just add flavours for the sake of it and really believe these two bars add something new to the flavouring offering the range.

So, which flavour takes your fancy? Remember, you can try both now – head over to our website to order or pop down to your local Tesco, Holland and Barratt and WHSmith travel to pick up the new flavours today!