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The Best Ways To Consume Protein Powder

Many of us opt for a protein shake as our post-workout tipple of choice. It’s easy, tasty and helps us pack in the protein our body needs. But, if you’re knocking back a shake every single day, it can get a little boring. So, why not have a read of the below and get creative with your protein powder!

Get baking

If baking is your thang, then give your cakes, pancakes, waffles, whatever, a boost with a scoop of protein powder! A great way to up your daily protein intake, as well as adding flavour to your bakes, protein powder can be used in a variety of different recipe – just take a look at our blog if you’re short of inspiration! White Chocolate Salted Peanut French toast, anyone? Or maybe this delicious Raspberry and Vanilla protein loaf is more up your street? The possibilities are endless.

Boost your brekkie

Breakfast is a great time to pack in the protein, as you’ll feel fuller for longer and you’re more likely to avoid grazing until after lunch – perfect if you’re trying to be good! Protein oats are not only delicious but they’re also a tasty alternative to your sometimes pretty bland oats. Bored of plain milk with your cereal? Why not pour over one of our Carb Killa® Shakes? Or, if you’ve got a big old tub of protein to get through, simply shake one up and pour over your cereal.

Shake up your smoothies

Who doesn’t love a smoothie? Not only are they a great way to cram in your 5-a-day, but they’re a great snack for when those sugar cravings hit. Wanna know how you can make them even better? A scoop of protein powder can add flavour, thicken the shake up and, of course, will add to your daily protein intake. And, as you all know, protein is essential for proper body function, as well as keeping us fuller for longer and supporting muscle growth. You can find out more about the best times to consume protein here.

How do you pack in your protein? If you’re in need of some tasty protein snacks to see you through the day, our website is the place to go. If you’re after more protein recipes, head over to our blog.