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New to the Grenade® ranks: Introducing Grenade Energy®!

If you’ve tried the legendary Carb Killa® then you’ll know we’ve pretty much mastered the protein bar. So, we decided to do something a little different. To set our sights on a completely new market and create a product like no other.

Introducing Grenade Energy®!

This flavour-filled, functional energy drink is the latest addition to the Grenade® ranks and is the perfect way to boost your busy day, whatever you’re up to. Naturally caffeinated with Coffeine™, Grenade Energy® packs the same punch as two espressos!

It also includes electrolytes, vitamins and BCAAs to support everyday health and function and it’s free from sugar too, making it a great, alternative to sugary soft drinks.

Whether you’re in need of a boost during that hectic morning commute, a mid-meeting pick-me-up or a lift to see you through that late-night gym sesh, Grenade Energy® has got your back. As well as providing a natural caffeine kick to carry you through your day, it also acts as the perfect refreshment to quench your on-the-go thirst, whatever your day has in store.

And, of course it tastes amazing. Because, as you know, we never ever compromise on taste.

Now for the “boring” bit – we know, it tastes great ‘n’ all that, but you probably (read: most definitely) shouldn’t consume more than two cans per day, due to the high caffeine content. Grenade Energy® is also a no-go for pregnant or breastfeeding women and for those sensitive to caffeine. And, ID’s at the ready! This drink is NOT for under 18s.

So, who’s desperate to try out our epic new product?! Well, you’re in luck! You can find Grenade Energy® on and Amazon now! It’ll also be stocked in Holland and Barrett, Budgens and Londis from 2nd December and you can expect to see it on many more store chillers and online sites from 2020!

Shop Grenade Energy® today and discover your go-to fruity fuel for your busy day!