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My top 5 travel essentials: Hayley Madigan

For many of us, summer means dusting off our passports and jetting off for a change of scenery or even jumping behind the wheel and embarking on a road trip or a UK getaway. How ever you decide to do it, most of us use the better weather as an excuse to escape the realities of everyday life but there’s always those few staple products we just have to bring along, no matter what we’re up to.

We caught up with personal trainer and fitness expert Hayley Madigan to find out what she packs in her case when she’s travelling and why she can’t live without these essentials.


Being an online trainer, I work from pretty much anywhere that has Wi-Fi! I carry my MacBook on my back pretty much every single day and I couldn’t do my job without it. It allows me to speak to my clients at all times and help adapt their programmes if I need to, even if I am supposed to be on holiday!


Hands down the best protein bar on the market (I am sure you will all agree) is definitely an essential in my bag, regardless of whether I am travelling or not. I make sure I have one in my bag at all times for those moments when you want a healthy snack or are craving chocolate and want to stay on track. When I go away, I make sure I pack a few boxes in my suitcase, this makes me more relaxed about travelling as I know I have essential protein for whenever I may need it. Most of the gyms I go to aboard don’t sell protein bars (or if they do, they aren’t that nice) so I make sure I take one with me to enjoy as a post workout treat.


These are an essential product for me – they’re in my bag 24/7without fail, especially when travelling to hot countries. I always use make-up wipes post workout as there’s nothing worse than being extremely sweaty! Plus, they can be used for any spillages or accidents that may occur while travelling, making them a super versatile must-have product to pack.


We all use our mobile phones way too much nowadays but, due to the nature of my job, I like to keep up to date on my social media and sharing stories on Instagram is a part of my day to day routine. Therefore, I cannot go anywhere without my phone charger especially on those long train journeys!


Travelling can tire me out and make me feel lazy, especially when you’re hit by the dreaded jet lag and have been sat on a plane for 12 hours straight. Sometimes I need a little help to get me in the mood for the gym and Grenade®’s .50 Calibre pre-workout does the perfect job. Pre-workout can be the difference between not having the energy and skipping the gym to having an amazing session that lifts you up and energises you!

What are your travel must-haves? We’d love to know! Share yours with us on our social channels. Want to know how you can keep fit while on your travels?