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Mini Carb Killa® spread pancakes

Now, we do love a good pancake. Especially when they’re drizzled in our delicious Carb Killa® spread. And especially when they fit our macros! Believe it or not, these tasty miniature pancakes are low sugar and low fat, meaning you can satisfy your sweet tooth without piling on the pounds. An indulgent breakfast treat or the perfect afternoon snack – you choose!

Lea Phillips, otherwise known as baking guru The Blondie Baker, is responsible for this winner of a recipe! Be sure to give it a go and tag us in your photos at @grenadeofficial.

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 Firstly, in a medium bowl or large jug, whisk eggs, yoghurt and a few sprays of the coconut Fry Light spray together


Next, combine these ingredients with the baking powder, oat flour, oats, salt and protein powder using a handheld mixer – mix until there are no lumps and the mixture is smooth


 After this, heat up a non-stick pan on a low heat. Coat the pan with a few sprays of the Fry Light spray


Place your mixture into a squeeze bottle and squeeze a small blob of the mixture onto the plan (If you don’t have a squeeze bottle, you can use a teaspoon to do this)


Spread the mixture into a rounded, pancake shape and repeat


Once the pancakes start to rise and become a golden colour, flip them and cook the other side – they won’t take very long as they’re only small!


Finish by adding your favourite toppings to the pancakes – our personal fave has to be a drizzle of our delicious Carb Killa® spreads!

Nutritional Values

Typical Per Serving
Calories per 4