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It's time to Reload®! Say hello to our newest recruit!

Need an energy kick? Well, you're in luck! Our brand-new product is the perfect snack for those in need of a boost. Say hello to Reload®, an oat energy bar packed with protein, full of fibre and low in sugar!

Made with all-natural nut butters and wholegrain oats, Reload® provides slow-release energy, supporting you through your busy day. Whether you're reloading the squat rack to tackle your next set, reloading your backpack to take on your next adventure or reloading your travel card to brave your daily commute, Reload® has got you!

Just like the rest of our healthy snacking range, Reload® is high in protein, featuring up to 17g per bar. It's low in sugar too, with less than 3.4g per bar. If you're looking to up your daily fibre intake then Reload® may be your fave new snack, as it's packed with the stuff, offering up to 8.2g per bar!

Alongside our high protein, low sugar credentials, we're also pretty well known for our flavour-filled offerings (if we do say so ourselves!) and Reload® is no different! Available in three tasty flavours, it'll be tough deciding which one to try first! Will you go for decadent Billionaires Shortbread, fruity Blueberry Muffin or rich Chocolate Chunk?

Great for snacking on the go, Reload® is presented in two 35g servings, so you can start your day with half  a bar to get you going and save your other half for when your day needs a boost!

Wanna get your hands on the newest recruit to our snacking range? Well, you're in luck - they're now live on our website! Head over to and stock up now!