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How to get back on track after summer

As we say goodbye to summer, it’s time to trade beer gardens and beach holidays for early mornings and meal prepping. This may sound tough after a relaxing few months of socialising and sunshine, but these top tips will help you ease back into your routine and get yourself back on track.

Get organised

Ah, summer. With sun comes spontaneity, and rightly so. But, as we bid farewell to the warmer weather, it’s time to welcome some much-needed organisation into your life. Keen to sort out your nutrition after months of eating out and cocktails? Meal-prepping could help. If the summer has taken a toll on your energy levels, make sure you’re getting enough sleep by sticking to a sleep routine and setting yourself strict wake up and sleep times. Routine is key when it comes to getting back on track so start by setting yourself some simple rules and you’ll see an instant improvement.

Add some variety to your fitness regime

Getting back into fitness is on many of our agendas after a fun-filled summer, however, don’t make the mistake of dedicating yourself to a lifetime on the treadmill in order to get back on track. Make sure your workout routine is full of variety – this way, you won’t get bored, you’ll target a number of different body parts and you’ll enjoy yourself too! Think circuit training one day, a brisk woodland walk another and you could also throw in weight-training, an exercise class or even jump on a bike for your daily commute. There are so many ways you can get active so why stick to just the one?!

Sort out your shut eye

After a hectic summer, it’s normal to feel a little run down. Although you’ll be busy getting back on-board the fitness train, you should still take some time out for much-needed rest. Make sure you’re getting at least 7-8 hours sleep each night and set aside some time each day to unwind, even if it’s just half an hour. Have a bath, read a book, listen to some music. Do whatever makes you feel happy and relaxed and take the time to enjoy a slower pace of life.

Set a goal

This one’s a no brainer. Whether you want to shed your summer holiday weight, regain your pre-holiday fitness or just feel a little more organised, deciding what you want to achieve before you set off is key. It’ll help track your progress and will give you the push you need when the last thing you want to do is get yourself down the gym.

If you’re after more organisational tips, these meal-prepping tips are a good place to start. If you struggle to resist snacking temptation in the office, these 4 tips for healthy eating at work are worth a read.