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Grenade Team Up With My Cookie Dough

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It's not every day you get to indulge in a decadent dessert that also contains an explosive punch of protein... Grenade® have teamed up with the masters of dessert, MyCookieDough.

This collaborative campaign aims to encourage people to 'Indulge the Grenade® Way' - with higher protein, lower sugar Cookie Dough, Stacks and Shakes. The collaboration sees 6 brand new Grenade®-Infused products being added to the MyCookieDough Menu for a limited time. They'll be serving heavenly combinations to those who love to indulge themselves with healthier snack options, that are also warmly delicious. The concept is the first of its kind in the UK and is sure to create a buzz among those who like to enjoy themselves but, also take health and fitness seriously.

Juliet Barratt, Grenade® Co Founder and CMO comments "Grenade® products are all about not having to compromise on taste, ingredients or quality. We want to give consumers a genuine, healthier alternative to their daily treats, whether that be a chocolate bar, chocolate spread or a brownie. Life is all about balance and adding a bit of Grenade® to your MyCookieDough choice, gives consumers a more protein, less sugar option."

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The new menu additions include extremely appealing twists on Cookie Doughs, Shakes, and the mouth-watering Stacks, which the dessert brand has become well-known for. Grenade's market-leading products such as the Grenade® Carb Killa Bars, Hydra 6® Protein Powder and Carb Killa® Spreads have been used to create a new line of indulgence, for those who embrace a health-conscious approach to snacking.

Look out for offerings such as the 'Hazelnut Brownie Stack' and the 'Cookies & Cream Shake', which pack up to as much as 30g of protein. Perfect for a post-gym hit!

We caught up with My CookieDough founder Angie Gewargis who is extremely excited to launch the new range: "Our collaboration with Grenade® is one of the major highlights of 2018 for us. We have admired them as a company for a long time and love the confidence they instil with their incredible line of products. We already have a large following who love our cookie dough for the post-workout treat, so it made perfect sense for us to work with Grenade ®to bring a totally new and exciting concept to the UK."  The new range will be launching on the 19th October at Westfields London, with further stores still to be announced.

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