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Grenade® have created the World's Largest Protein Bar!

Ever wished your Carb Killa® bar was just a little bit bigger? How about 3,716 times bigger? If, for you, there’s nothing worse than that last bite of your fave Carb Killa® bar, then you’ll be pleased to know that Grenade® have created the world’s largest protein bar!

Weighing in at 239kg and equating to almost four thousand regular sized Carb Killa® bars, it’s safe to say that this Guinness World Records® breaker of a bar is a BIG deal. At 1.8m tall and 62.5cm wide, it really is what Carb Killa® dreams are made of.

Wondering why we decided to go ahead and whip up this whopper of a bar? As you know, Grenade® never do things by halves and, to celebrate Carb Killa®’s 5th birthday, we wanted to go BIG because, well, why not?!

Produced by Hearthside Foods in Leerdam, Netherlands, the Guinness World Records® creation uses all of the ingredients found in a commercially available bar, except this version features golf-ball sized chocolate chips, thick layers of nougat and layers and layers of caramel – who else’s mouth is watering?!

Guinness World Records® adjudicator Paulina Sapinska was on hand to award the Grenade® Team with their Guinness World Records® certificate and, naturally, was amazed by the bar! She said: “Grenade® has certainly raised the bar with this giant protein snack achievement! Some of my favourite record categories are big food as they have to be edible – so to get the same great taste and look as the original product but on such a big scale is a real challenge.”

So, who’s gonna help us demolish this monster of a bar? We could definitely do with a hand!

Keep your eyes peeled for more Guinness World Records® announcements…why stop at one?!