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Frozen Berry Protein Slices

On the hunt for the perfect protein snack? Well, you needn't look much further! These delicious protein slices, created by The Blondie Baker, are low in fat, packed with protein and tasty too! They're also super easy to make - give them a go today!



First, add all of the ingredients and 200g of the strawberries into a blender and blitz well


Next, slice some strawberries for the top then pop the rest in the blender and pulse lightly, so the strawberries are a little chunky


Pour the mix into an 8” silicon square tray and lightly place silver foil on top. Place onto a board and into the fridge freezer for about 4- 5 hours


Remove 30 minutes before slicing - this allows the block to be sliced easier. Place the slices into Tupperware and back into the freezer, ready to enjoy whenever!

high protein low fat snack

This fruity, high protein snack is ideal for on the go or the perfect sweet treat to pack in your lunch box for work. Give this recipe a go and be sure to let us know how you get on over on Instagram. If you're after more delicious protein-packed recipes and snacks, head over to our blog.