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BCAA Fruit Ice Lollies Recipe

Suns out, Ice Lollies in! Now you can enjoy a delicious, refreshing sweet treat in the sun without the sugar overload with this delicious Defend BCAA Fruit Lolly Recipe from Team Grenade Ambassador Chloe Ashford.



Mix one half serving (1 scoop) of Defend BCAA® with 200ml of water


Pour equal amounts of the BCAA mix into each mould


Take half the strawberries and blueberries and push to the bottom of the mould, then freeze for 1 hour 


Remove from freezer and repeat steps 1 & 2 for the rest of the Defend BCAA® 


Add the remaining mixed fruits Place back into the freezer for at least 3 hours 


Once ready, simply pop out of the mould and enjoy! (If you have trouble removing from the moulds, submerge in warm water for 10 seconds to loosen) 

 *To create multi-flavored lollies, simply use a half serving (1 scoop) of each of your favorite Grenade® Defend BCAA® flavors and mix each with 400-500ml of water (depending on mould size and amount of fruit added) 


Recipe by Grenade Ambassador Chloe Ashford