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A-Z of fitness and nutrition

We don’t like to brag but we know a fair bit (a lot) about fitness and nutrition. Looking for a new protein shake to swig post-workout? We got you. Struggling to master your macros? Hit us up. Or maybe you just need some motivational tips for those days where you’d much rather curl up in a ball and consume your body weight in Carb Killa® spread – FYI, we all have those days. Whatever it is, we consider ourselves to be pretty clued up.

So, we’ve decided to treat you to our very own A-Z of fitness and nutrition. A countdown, shall we say, of the things that make up our world of keeping fit and fuelling ourselves.

Spoiler: nope, we couldn’t think of anything for ‘X’.


Ah, abs. We’ve all been there, continuously crunching our lives away in a bid to achieve those mythical muscles that only really exist on Instagram. Remember, nobody likes the guy at the dinner party who bangs on about his abs. There’s more to fitness, and life, than abs.


Perfect to pop in your water bottle during your workout, throughout the day or simply when you need something a little tastier than H2O. Branched Chain Amino Acids have a number of benefits, including enhanced muscle protein synthesis and they’ve also been known to reduce DOMs.


We’re not talking treadmills and cross-trainers, although, if that’s your thing, that’s cool. Cardio, to us, is something that gets your heart racing, ups your fitness levels and is fun too. Yes, fun. Think mud runs, circuit classes, dancing, boxing, a lunch time walk with your work bestie – the list is endless but don’t settle for an hour slogging it out on the stepper. Do something that makes you feel great!


Those dreaded DOMS. Not sure whether you’ve experienced the joy that is Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness? Trust us, if you have, you’ll know about it. After a particularly tough session, a day (or sometimes two) later, you may suffer with sore, stiff muscles – say hello to DOMS. Yes, you’ll probably be left shuffling through the office like a cowboy and stairs are an absolute no-no. But, good news, DOMS can sometimes be a good indicator of future muscle growth but it can also indicate injury so if you’re aching for longer than usual, get yourself checked out.


You know that ‘I can take on the world’ feeling you get after a sweat sesh? That unbeatable high that makes powering through the pain worth it? Well, they’re all down to a little thing called endorphins. In simple terms, endorphins activate opioid receptors in the brain that generate feelings of euphoria. And, you guessed it, exercise causes endorphins! So, power through your workout and reap the rewards.


A macro. A pain to get rid of. Tastes pretty good. So many definitions of ‘fat’, so little time. But, if it’s some handy fat burning exercises you need, here you go.


A word used to describe pretty much any food consumed in the name of bulking. Mid-morning Carb Killa®? Gains. Lunch time chicken and rice? Yep, gotta get those gains in. Fallen-off-the-bandwagon maccys? Still gains.


It’s no secret that hydration is so, so important. Alongside, well, keeping you alive, drinking water can make you feel more awake, improve concentration, flush out toxins and even contribute to weight loss. Glass of H2O, anyone?

Informed sport

Pro athlete? In the military? Fear not, Grenade® got your back! Many of our products are Informed-Sport improved, meaning they’ve been tested for banned substances and are completely ay-ok to consume for your profession. You can shop all of our Informed-Sport products here.


Not quite ready to run that marathon that’s been on your bucket list since, erm, forever? Well, a gentle jog never hurt no one. Jogging is an underrated, low-impact exercise that is great for all abilities and fitness levels. It’s ideal if you’re trying to mould yourself into a seasoned runner and a great way to increase your stamina and fitness.


Lethal weapon designed to cause pain or versatile tool that gives you a good, full-body blast? You decide, but don’t underestimate the power of the kettlebell, especially when it’s Grenade® shaped.


HIIT’s younger, less popular sister. LISS may not be as trendy as HIIT but that doesn’t make it any less effective. Low Intensity Steady State training involves consistent effort but at a steady pace so it’s great for those who want to avoid putting too much stress on their body.


If you’re not a nutritionist, macros can be a bit of a minefield. Made up of protein, carbs and fat, macros are basically a group of nutrients found in food that give us energy. But, how on earth do I track them? We hear ya, it’s not easy. Lucky for you, we’ve got it covered over on our blog.


As you know, we love a good snack. And when we’re not reaching for a Carb Killa®, nuts are definitely one of our go-tos. Tasty, fulfilling, easy. What’s not to love? We love them so much that they’re packed into many of our products – give our vegan Go Nuts™ bar a try if your especially partial to a peanut or two.


Oh, how cliché of us. Oats are the fitness fanatic breakfast of choice, especially the overnight kind you’ve seen plastered all over Instagram. Sorry to jump on the bandwagon but there’s no denying the benefits of oats. Filling, versatile and super easy to make. Give our recipe a go if you’re not convinced.


Buzzword of the last century (bit dramatic but, hear us out), protein has literally catapulted its way into most people’s diets thanks to the evolution of protein shakes, bars and snacks. And, we think ours are pretty damn good. We’d go as far as to say they’re the best. Snacks to satisfy your cravings. Tick. Supplements to support your workouts. We got it. Shop our full range today and don’t forget to let us know which product you’re lovin’ over on socials.


Big on baking? Then listen up! Quark could be the perfect substitute for the usual high fat, high sugar ingredients such as cream and butter. This versatile dairy product is low in sugar and calories and can be used for sweet or savoury dishes.

Rest days

You’re smashing your workouts and you’re seeing progress – why would you ruin it all by taking a day off?! Believe it or not, rest days are a must if you want to see changes. Your body needs time to recover and repair in order to see results.


Our specialist area. If you’re a serial snacker, in need of a post-workout pick me up or something a little less naughty to enjoy in front of the TV, have a snoop at our snacking range. You all know the OG Carb Killa® bar but why not dig into a jar of our delicious spread or give one of our tasty shakes a go. You won’t be disappointed.


Slogging it out on the treadmill sound like your idea of hell? Yep, ours too. Now, we’re not badmouthing this cardio staple but remember, there are so many more ways you can get your heart racing.


Because, some days you need to accept that you’re not going to power through 10 reps. You might not even make it to the gym. Maybe you bypass all activity and opt for the ultimate chilling session in front of the telly (can we join you?). Understanding your body and accepting that you won’t smash it every single day is essential.


Multi-vits are a must to help you maintain general health and functionality. You may ask what exactly does this have to do with fitness? But, you won’t achieve your fitness goals without good general health – fact.