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7 ways to improve your focus during training

Planning on hitting the gym? You needn’t bother if your focus is lagging. Many of us turn up ready to get sweaty but end up scrolling through social media, chatting to friends or half-heartedly lifting a few dumbbells just for good measure. The truth is, no one wants to spend every waking hour in the gym so take these 7 handy tips on board and make your session count!

Have a plan

Easily distracted? Make sure you know exactly what you plan on training before heading to the gym. Make a note of the key exercises or machines you want to work on during your session and make a beeline for them. If it’s inspiration you’re after, take advantage of all of the free workout tutorials you can find on social media and follow one of these to keep you on track.

Get some caffeine

We all turn to coffee or pre-workouts when we need an energy boost, but did you know caffeine can improve your performance and energy too? Intrigued? Give this a read.

Get your head down

One of the biggest reasons for decreased focus is *shock* lack of quality sleep. Because how are you supposed to hit your goals without getting enough shut eye? Aim for 7-8 hours per night – that next episode on Netflix will still be there in the morning!

No phone zone

If you’re a sucker for social media or can’t last longer than two minutes without WhatsApping your bestie, it may be time for drastic action. Make your gym sessions a no phone zone by leaving it in the locker or at home. Trust us, without the distraction of memes and messages, you’ll be able to focus on the task at hand – hitting that PB!

Make sure you’re hydrated

Now, we all know drinking plenty of water is good for you. As well as fighting off fatigue and preventing cramps and injury, staying hydrated also ensures your body functions are working properly. Our bodies are made up of 60% water so, naturally, it makes sense to keep ourselves topped up! Because, if we’re dehydrated, focus is set to be an issue.

Pick a playlist

Music is the biggest mood booster. Bad day? Stick on your fave power ballad and sing it out. Sunday evening wind down? Chilled vibes all the way. Music dictates your mood so make sure you put together a list of hits that are going to motivate and energise you and you’re sure to power through your session.

What’s your goal?

When everything else fails, think back to why you started. Cliché, yes, but who doesn’t love a little bit of cheese every now and again? Maybe working out improves your mental health or being fitter enables you to do your job or a hobby you love. You may simply train for aesthetic reasons – whatever it is, think about the goals you want to achieve and, if you want them enough, it’ll be the push you need to kick-start your focus.

How do you stay focused during your training? Give these tips a go! If you’re after more training tips and advice, then head over to our blog, where we reveal 4 ways coffee can boost your gym session.