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7 annoying gym habits we've all witnessed

We’ve all been there. Tripped over abandoned dumbbells, wiped a stranger’s sweat off the only free bench and, of course, cringed at the OTT grunting taking place in the weights room. There’s no denying it – people can be annoying. So, just to irritate you even more, here’s seven of the most annoying gym habits we’ve all seen, heard and maybe even done ourselves (shame on you!) Can you relate?

1. Queuing for machines

You’re halfway through your set and you sense a pair of eyes burning into the side of your face. You’re pretty sure there’s another squat rack free across the gym…isn’t there? Maybe they could do something else while they wait? Nope. This annoying gym goer continues to watch you until your very last rep, ready to make a run for the machine before you’ve so much as re-racked the bar. Rude!

2. Reserving machines

Just because you’ve slung a towel across a bench or placed your bottle into the drink holder on the treadmill does not mean you can reserve the machine until you’re ready to use it. Just like reserving sunbeds on holiday, this one’s an absolute no-no.

3. Not wiping your sweat

Now, we love a good sweat sesh. It’s the sign of a good workout, the symbol of you smashing your session. However, if you leave sweat on a bench, a machine, a workout mat, whatever, wipe it up. Simple.

4. Loud grunting

We get it. You’re really going for that PB. Your pre-workout’s kicked in and you’re giving it your all. Good for you! But, the grunting’s gotta stop. If it’s an audience you’re after, then you’ll definitely get one but perhaps for all the wrong reasons.

5. Not putting back the weights

If you’re new to the gym, there’s nothing worse than arriving at the squat rack after Mr Bodybuilder’s smashed his PB and having to un-rack plate after plate. That’s a workout in itself, right!? And, leaving dumbbells on the floor ready to be tripped over is just as bad.

6. Chatting on the phone

Don’t get us wrong, the gym can be a great place to get social (shout out to all the gym buddies out there), however, this doesn’t mean you should spend your session chatting away on your phone. Not only is it distracting but you won’t get anything done either!

7. Listening to music without headphones

You may think your playlist is a ‘vibe’ but those around you might beg to differ. Spare us the tinny tunes coming from your mobile phone and invest in a good pair of headphones.

Which annoying gym habits have you witnessed? Let us know over on our socials. If this post has got you in a training mood, check out these 6 underrated gym machines and give them a go!