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6 time-saving gym tips to speed up your workouts

Life is busy. It’s a constant juggling act between maintaining a social life, a kick-ass career and fitting in some dedicated sweat-time in the gym. If, like many of us, you’re precious about your time, these hacks could make life a little easier! Because you can reach your goals without spending hours in the gym, y'know!

Be prepared

This one’s not exactly rocket science but, trust us, this simple step could be the difference between sweating and snoozing. Pack your gym bag or lay out your workout wear the night before so that, when the morning comes, you can leave with minimal effort. If the real struggle comes when deciding what to do at the gym, save some workout inspo on Instagram so you’ve always got a few go-to workouts you can rely on.

Have a plan B

Rack taken? Story of our life! But, just because your fave piece of equipment is in use, doesn’t mean you have to give up altogether. Make sure you have an alternative exercise or machine for your go-to moves so that when the gym’s busier than usual, you can jump on your ‘plan B’. Can’t secure a bench? Grab some dumbbells and find a floor space or mat instead. Or maybe you were hoping to squeeze in some squats? If the rack’s taken, grab a kettlebell and master the goblet squat instead. You’ll save time and, you never know, you may discover a new move that becomes a staple in your regime.

Get running

We’ve all done it. Jumped in the car, drove to the gym and then stepped onto the treadmill. If you can, why not switch things up and run to the gym instead? You’d think this would add precious minutes onto your workout but, think about it. Running to and from the gym means you get your cardio done and dusted outside of your actual workout time. You’ll miss out on traffic too and, if you’ve got places to be, you’d better up your speed – it’ll do wonders for your fitness, as well as save those valuable seconds.

Rise and shine

If exercise is eating into your evenings or you’re wasting weekends catching up on your workouts, then try setting your alarm a little earlier and squeezing in your session first thing in the morning. If, like many of us, you’re definitely not an early bird then this may take some getting used to but, think of all the extra time you’ll have! Working out first thing is also a great way to start your day, leaving you feeling energised. If you’re heading off to work afterwards, you’ll have a more productive session as there’s no time to mess around, unlike in the evening when there’s no urgency to get sh*t done.

Master the superset

If you’re short on time, then supersets are your best friend. In short, a superset is two exercises back to back – so no resting in between. Without the break in between, you’ll obviously save time but the benefits of this style of workout don’t end there. As well as speeding up your sweat sesh, adding in supersets can increase fat burn and will allow you to increase the intensity of your workout without maxing out the weights.

Join a class

If you really struggle with time-management or want to limit your workouts to a set time, then joining a class is your best bet. As well as helping you to manage your time better, joining a class will get you into a good routine and you’ll be less likely to miss out on a workout. In need of fast yet effective results? Sign up to a 30-minute HIIT blast – half an hour may seem like nothing, but high intensity interval training is no joke! Circuit classes are also a great way to diversify your workouts without spending hours in the gym.


No more excuses! You may be short on time but working out needn’t take hours! Take these top tips on board to make the most of your workouts and your time. In need of more training tips and advice? Our blog’s got your covered! Ever thought about taking up swimming? Well, here’s 5 reasons we think you’ll benefit from this versatile sport.