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6 gym bag must-haves

If a good dig around in your gym bag leaves you with countless pairs of socks (might be clean, might not be), a tangled pair of headphones and a piece of fruit that’s definitely seen better days, then feast your eyes on our gym bag essentials, a list of must-haves that’ll see you through any workout. Sweaty af circuit class? We got you. Lunch-time jog. Covered. These are our holy grail items that’ll save your life in those ‘I’ve forgotten my towel, again’ moments.


All you need is a good soundtrack to smash your workout, fact. Music has a massive effect on mood so if you’re set on giving your next session your all, don’t be without a trusty pair of headphones.


So, how annoying is it when you see someone’s just finished their last set in the gym, you rush over to claim the machine you’ve been waiting for, only to be greeted by a whole load of sweat?! Not OK. Wipe down those machines guys, it takes seconds. Make sure you’re armed with a hand towel for those times where fellow lifters forget gym etiquette.


For those post-workout protein shakes, that mid-sesh refresh (our Defend® BCAA is a good shout if you’re looking for some tasty hydration) and, if you’re lagging, the ideal way to shake up a must-needed pre-workout. Our Grenade® shaker’s got it all – I mean, which other shaker has a handy compartment for your multi-vits?!

Skipping rope

Here’s one for all the excuse-makers. For those who’d rather do anything other than workout. A handy skipping rope can be used anywhere at any time. Treadmill’s busy? Find some space and jump rope! No time to get to the gym? Squeeze in a quick skipping sesh in your garden. There’s no excuse when you’ve got your skipping rope to hand. It burns up to 15-20 calories per minute too, so you’ll benefit more than slogging it out on the cross trainer.

Hand sanitiser

Cos, let’s face it, gyms are riddled with germs. Hand sanitiser is a must-have for those keen on avoiding catching that cold that’s been doing the rounds in the weight section.


Not just a gym bag must-have but an every bag essential. Because, who in their right mind leaves the house without an arsenal of snacks?! For those times when you’ve no time to eat after your heavy weight session. Or maybe you need a pre-gym pick-me-up in order to smash your goals. Our Carb Killa® active products are ideal for popping in your gym bag for on-the-go fuel.

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