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5 reasons you need to start CrossFit

Now, you’ve heard about the hype around HIIT. And, you’re probably familiar with circuit training. But what about CrossFit? Think Olympic weightlifting, explosive body movements and dynamic exercises. As well as a full body burn, CrossFit is renowned for it’s community spirit and those who step into the ‘box’ often rave about the support and friendships they’ve gained by jumping on-board the CrossFit train.

So, what’s it all about and how does CrossFit benefit your body and your training? You’re about to find out! Here’s five reasons we think you could benefit from this popular form of training.

1. It’s great for all around fitness and strength

If the thought of training legs and shoulders in one workout gives you mild heart palpitations, then CrossFit could be a bit of a shock to the system. But, fear not! Stepping away from a split workout schedule could really up your overall strength and fitness. CrossFit will see you lifting, running, throwing, climbing, punching – the list is endless. And, thanks to this endless list, you’ll get to test each and every part of your body every session so, if you’re known for swapping that dreaded arm session for a date with the sofa, then CrossFit is perfect for you – you’ll no longer be able to skip those sessions you’re not a fan of and, instead, you’ll work your full body while trying out brand new techniques and moves. What’s not to love?!

2. It never gets boring

As we’ve said, CrossFit is made up of a number of dynamic movements. Think climbing ropes, jumping on boxes and explosive lifts. Unlike that stale workout plan you’ve been following for weeks without any pay back, CrossFit offers variety and challenge. Bad attention span? Well, you’ll certainly not get bored taking on CrossFit movements. Or perhaps you find your body becomes quickly accustomed to certain moves and, after this, you see little progress? Give CrossFit a go and test your body.

3. It’s great if you’re short on time

Constantly clock watching? Or maybe, like many of us, you’re on the go all the time and struggle to squeeze in your daily workout. Either way, CrossFit needn’t take up every waking hour of your day. Most CrossFit WODs (that’s Workout of the Day, FYI) can be done in less than 20 minutes and, because they’re made up of separate movements, you can edit the WODs to suit your time – just do one or two rounds if you’ve got a lot on that day or if your pre-workout’s well and truly kicked in then do a few extra rounds. CrossFit is very versatile so (sorry in advance to all you workout evaders), being busy really isn’t an excuse.

4. It’s a great way to make friends

Now, aside from offering a bloody good workout, CrossFit is famed for it’s amazing community spirit. A quick Google search will no doubt bring up hoards of smiley, supportive faces and stepping into the box is no different. CrossFit is known to be very social and when you ace that tricky move you’ve been mastering for months, you can bet it’ll be high-fives all round. So, if it’s a support system you’re after or you simply want to be social and get fit simultaneously then here’s your best bet.

5. It’ll keep you motivated

Ever heard of a lil thing called accountability? In the gym, it’s easy to slip out after a half-arsed 15-minute walk on the treadmill. No one notices. Try this in the CrossFit box and it’ll be a different story. You’re measured against the clock and previous scores so, although you’re absolutely not expected to feel guilty if you don’t crush last week’s PB, it’ll spur you on to strive for better, which means you’re more likely to smash your workout and your goals.

So, who’s planning on popping down to their local CrossFit box after that read? Let us know how you get on! If you’re after more training tips and advice then you can always head over to our blog – find out 4 reasons why circuit training could be for you.