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4 tips for healthy eating at work

The office can be a minefield, a healthy-eater’s hell. Cakes often fill kitchen counters as a mark of a birthday and sometimes a midday sugar fix is the only way you see yourself making it to 5’oclock. But, if you’re trying to make your 9-5 a little bit healthier, these tips could help.

Have a hearty breakfast

Now, we’re not saying you should gorge on a fry-up every day, although, wouldn’t that be great?! But, it’s essential to have a fulfilling breakfast that sets you up for the day and sees you through until lunch (with the odd snack thrown in!). High protein breakfasts are known to keep you feeling fuller for longer, making them a great option for your first meal of the day. Overnight oats are a great shout, as they are easily customisable and can be prepared ahead of time for those busy mornings. Eggs, of course, are another breakfast staple and, again, are very versatile.

Pack healthy snacks

Preparation is key when it comes to healthy eating, so make sure your bag and desk drawers are filled with healthy snacks for when those cravings kick in. Think fruit, veg pots, yoghurts, nuts and protein bars. Whenever you’re tempted to dive into the biscuit tin, you’ll have a healthy snack to fall back on. But, remember, life’s too short to say no to a good old slice of cake – a treat every now and then never hurt anyone.

Don’t drink your calories

We don’t tend to think about the hidden calories in many of our favourite drinks. That creamy topping on your pre-work latte, those two sugars in your hourly cup of tea. It’s almost ritual to take part in the tea round in an office but try and limit it to a one or two cups per day or swap the sugar for sweeteners and the frothy coffees for Americanos. Be sure to top yourself up with regular H20 too. Staying hydrated will keep you alert and you’re less likely to snack if you’re filling up on water.

Schedule your lunch

Eating at set times is a great way to regulate your food intake. Especially during the week, or when at work, be sure to eat your lunch at the same time each day. That way, you can schedule in your snacks around this and you’re less likely to overeat or snack for the sake of snacking.

Sounds pretty easy, right? But we know how tough it can be to resist temptation, especially on those days where sugar and caffeine are the only solution to life’s problems. If you’re in need of some more motivation, our blog’s the place to go – here’s 3 high protein breakfast ideas you should give a go.