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4 simple ways to add cardio into your day

Cardio not your thing? You’re not alone. While some of us were born to run, many wouldn’t be seen dead working up a sweat on the rower or, god forbid, running a marathon. If you’re nodding your head right now, then you’re bound to love these four easy ways to add cardio into your day. Trust us, you won’t even notice.

Get a hobby

Now, by hobby, we don’t mean you need to be playing a sport or getting sweaty in the gym. It could be anything you enjoy that gets you moving. Maybe you’re a keen gardener? Or perhaps you’re a dab hand in the kitchen? Climbing is also really popular these days, as are various dance classes and groups. All of these aren’t particularly ‘sporty’ but they’ll get you moving without feeling like you’re working out.

Clean the house

We all dread the endless chores that seem to rack up when you’ve got your own home however, cleaning is a great way to burn a few extra calories. Get the hoover out, give the surfaces a polish or, if you’re going all out, deep clean your kitchen or bathroom and you’re sure to get a sweat on, as well as tick off one of the chores on your list.

Get a step on

So, it’s not exactly rocket science, but walking is the easiest way to drop some much-needed cardio into your day. Take the stairs instead of the lift, go on a lunchtime wander, walk to work or, if that’s not possible, park further away from the office and squeeze in a pre-shift stroll. Even taking regular breaks and having a walk around your work environment (take on the tea round, you’ll be an office legend!) can eat up calories and get your heart racing. We’re not suggesting you invest in a pair of walking boots or join a trail group but just making a conscious effort to take a few extra steps each day can drastically enhance your cardiovascular health.

Stand up more

This one goes out to all you sedentary work folk. Cos it can be pretty tough getting your cardio in if you’re chained to a desk Monday to Friday. But, did you know that simply standing up more often can massively improve your cardiovascular health? Some workplaces have initiated ‘morning stand-ups’ instead of the traditional sit-down meeting, while others have also introduced stand-up desks. If these simply aren’t options for you, try to stand up whenever possible – have a wander when taking a phone call, go for a walk with a colleague if you need to catch up and stretch your legs between tasks to break out of your sedentary habit.

Yep, surprisingly easy, right? You don’t need to be a gym bunny to get your cardio on! If you’re looking for more ways to get moving, read these 7 tips on how you can increase your daily step count. Or maybe you’re keen to get fit in the comfort of your home? Head over to our blog to find out how.