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4 Realistic Tips For Fat Loss

Wave goodbye to your fave foods, chain yourself to that treadmill and don’t even think about responding to that Friday night drinks invite that dropped into your inbox this morning. If you want to lose fat, you gotta make sacrifices, right? Hell no!

Sadly, so many of us miss out in order to get that ‘dream summer bod’. But restricting yourself and setting unattainable goals can cause more harm than good. If you’re set on shedding fat, then here’s four realistic fat loss tips to live by. And, trust us, there’s not a slimming shake or fad diet in sight!

Decide what’s achievable for you

If you’ve never set foot inside a gym in your life, do NOT make it your mission to train seven days straight. Maybe you’ve got a busy work life or enjoy being social in the evenings? Don’t sacrifice your existing routine for solid training – you’ll go mad, trust us. Be reasonable. Maybe you’re more of an early bird? Fit in a few sessions before work in the mornings. Or maybe you’d rather get your training out of the way rather than spending every waking hour working out? Try HIIT or classes with set timetables so you can manage your time your way. And, remember, you don’t need a gym to lose weight – here’s 4 simple ways to add cardio into your day (thank us later). Be sure to fit your exercise into your existing routine because the more changes you make to accommodate your new regime, the less likely you are to stick to it.

Slow and steady wins the race

No, you’re probably not going to notice results instantly and, no, you definitely won’t be a stone lighter one week in but, guess what, it’s not a race!? Social media is often guilty for making fat loss seem a lot easier than it is, showcasing celebs springing back into shape after the birth of their new baby or flaunting their beach bod on what seems to be their hundredth holiday of the year - *eye roll*. Don’t make the mistake of expecting instant results. The slower and steadier you approach your routine, the more likely you are to stick at it and adopt it as a new lifestyle rather than just another fad or diet.

Make smarter choices

As we said, just because you want to lose fat doesn’t mean you need to give up your social life! Heading out for drinks after work? Opt for clear spirits and low calorie, zero sugar mixers. Eating out for a special occasion? If dessert’s your fave course, don’t miss out! Simply choose a healthier main to balance it out.

Don't set silly goals

Now, we’re all about smashing our goals but, hey, you can’t win ‘em all! As with anything in life, you won’t always succeed and it’s essential you understand this before beginning your fat loss journey. You’ll have bad days where the urge to consume a whole cheesecake is far greater than possessing abs. And you’ll have slow weeks where, despite all your hard work, the scales remain the same. But, don’t be disheartened. Set realistic goals to ensure they’re achievable and, as you start to see progress and your confidence grows, set your goals a little higher. Make it manageable and you'll be less likely to get overwhelmed and throw the towel in.

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